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Convincing CLEP Waiver Letter | Sample, Tips

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What Is CLEP?

The College-Level Examination Program or CLEP is a non-traditional way of gaining credits on your college courses for things that you already know. They are commonly taken by members of the armed services and government employees that may have experience in a particular field. The CLEP offers 33 exams that cover many of the areas that you will study at college. By taking their exam you may be able to gain credit towards your requirements through the writing of a CLEP waiver letter. Your waiver request has to show that you have passed the exam with a high enough score and that you deserve a reduction in the hours required on the course that you are seeking to take.

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By taking the CLEP exams you can reduce the number of hours you need to study for at college allowing you to gain your degree quicker and also to reduce your costs. The knowledge that you wish to demonstrate through taking these exams can have come from anywhere such as on the job training or online courses. Passing the exams, however, lets you earn credit from those colleges that will accept CLEP of which there are almost 3000 in the US.

Tests are taken at any of the more than 2000 CLEP testing centers around the country and take around 90 to 120 minutes to complete depending on the subject area. Almost all of the exams are in multiple choice format and you will get your results immediately at the end of the exam except for the college composition exam.

How Many People Take CLEP Exams?

According to Home Schooling for College Credit, the average pass rate for a CLEP exam is 69% with most language courses being the highest. The data used is based on almost 37 thousand departments of defense personnel that took exams through the system. This is a highly popular way to gain credit for your college course and many of the more popular colleges will accept credit through this method.

Why Would You Need a CLEP Waiver Letter?

There is more than one form of waiver letter that you can write. CLEP can be used to waive many different things when you apply to a college. For instance it can be used to reduce the hours that you need to study and can even be used to support a TOEFL waiver letter as it proves your ability to understand college level English. It can also be used to waive the requirement for some prerequisite classes that you may be required to take to qualify for the course you are applying to.

You can also apply for CLEP fee waiver if you are eligible to be able to take the exams free or at a reduced cost. Many service personnel through DANTE can take their CLEP exams or a DSST exam for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CLEP Waiver

The following are few of the questions that people usually have about their CLEP waiver:

 Questions Answers
Does my college board/college accept CLEP exam scores? There are more than 3000 colleges and other institutions across the US that will allow you to credit CLEP passes against their requirements.
How many hours will I get credited for my CLEP exam? Every college has its own policy regarding how it will apply for credits. Usually, they allow from 3 to 12 credits per exam pass.
Is there a limit to how many credits I can get through taking CLEP exams? Many colleges place a cap on the number of credits you can gain through CLEP. This varies from 6 to 60 and some have no limits.
Do I get my credits automatically? Different colleges have different policies regarding how they will credit your exams. Some will credit automatically while some will require you to apply with a waiver request.
Can my CLEP exam pass waive requirements for English language proficiency tests? Some colleges will take a pass through CLEP as proof of your language abilities in English through a waiver letter.
What are the requirements for a fee waiver? Usually, you will have to be eligible for the National School Free Lunch program.
How long is my CLEP exam result valid for? Most colleges will not take an exam result more than 2 years old into consideration.

How Should Your CLEP Exam Waiver Letter Be Structured?

Your CLEP denial letter should be written in a simple manner with the following structure:

  • Introduction: Say who you are, what course you are applying to study at the college, and that you are looking for credits for the CLEP exam passes that you have.
  • Main body: detail out the requirements that you wish to have waived and show how your CLEP examinations qualify you.
  • Conclusion: summarize your request and thank them for their time and consideration.

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What to Look out for When Writing CLEP Waiver Letter

There are a few areas that you should pay attention to when you are writing CLEP test waiver letter:

  • Always check the colleges policies and requirements: every institution is different as to how they want you to apply your waiver and if they will accept one at all. Always carefully read their website and follow their instructions.
  • They will decide how they apply your credits: do not dictate how you expect the credits to be awarded.
  • Write in clear English: a waiver letter that is poorly written will not get you the results that you are looking for.
  • Keep to the point within your writing: do not write about anything unrelated or provide lengthy explanations.
  • Always address your letter to the correct department: sending it elsewhere will guarantee that you get no credits.

Writing an Effective CLEP Fee Waiver Letter

The following steps should be used when writing your fee waiver for CLEP test letter:

  • Ensure that you are eligible before you start: check their website and review the requirements for a fee waiver. You will have to be able to show financial hardship.
  • Use a business letter template for your letter: do not add additional formatting to the page, you want it to look clean, simple and professional.
  • Keep your letter easy to read: use a 12pt font and avoid any fonts that are difficult to read.
  • Clearly state in your introduction that you are applying for a CLEP test fee waiver so that the reader immediately knows the purpose of your letter.
  • The main body of the letter should clearly outline the reasons for your request and the implications to you of not gaining the waiver.
  • The conclusion should summarize your reasoning and thank them for their consideration.
  • Proofread your letter with great care so that you don’t make the wrong first impression.

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How Can Our Professional Writers Help You with Your Waiver Letter?

So that you don’t receive a CLEP rejection letter you will want to ensure that your letter will be written perfectly. Our experts are carefully selected so that you will always be working with someone that has many years of experience with your particular form of waiver letter. Each fully understands their areas of expertise from the requirements of the American Council on Education through to the individual policies of the college that you are applying to.

They work directly with you right from the start to ensure that your writing is done perfectly according to your needs. We offer unlimited revisions to the writing that we provide and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the letter you receive.

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Our services offer expert help with everything from writing an immigration pardon letter to your CLEP waiver letter. We offer fully professional support through direct contact with highly qualified and experienced consultants to boost your chances of getting the right results every time.

With our help, we are confident that you will not be receiving a refusal letter. Through our help you will benefit from:

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