Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Writing

Once in a college or a university, students gain several skills, among them writing skills. At some point during the years, they must write academic essays as part of intellectual fulfillment. However, writing such papers isn’t always an easy task. Some students face many challenges trying to craft the best essays, but some mistakes happen, making them score lower grades.

Before analyzing the common mistakes, a good essay must have a clear structure, including an introduction, the main body, which has several paragraphs, and a compelling conclusion. Presenting your paper in a clear format gives you more marks. So, let us check other common mistakes students make when writing essays that can attract low grades. We have highlighted the best tips you can use to evade errors. Read on to unleash more.  

First of all, your overall essay must have verified details and facts supported by solid evidence.

As much as you need to be creative, you must ensure all your writing revolves around the topic. Read the instructions and understand the issue well before you can start researching. Understand the keywords and how you can incorporate them in the essay.

Keep the sentences short, and make sure you use phrases and wordings appropriately. Issues like punctuations involving commas, apostrophes, and other common grammar errors contribute to getting low marks in your essay.

  • The Introduction

This section introduces the reader to your entire paper. It should be as catchy as possible. If the reader gets bored at the introduction stage, they might fail to read the other sections even if you have amazing content. Go straight to the point and tell the reader what to expect from the document.

  • Thesis statement

Another vital element of every essay is the thesis statement. It carries all the paper’s weight. Every point you include in the document revolves around the thesis statement. When the tutor reads through your thesis statement, they should understand what you want to write about and how you plan to achieve your objective. Again, before writing the thesis, ensure you have concrete ideas to support it. Otherwise, you get stuck in the middle of the paper. Brainstorm on several ideas and if you realize you don’t have enough points, change the thesis immediately.

  • Give examples of all ideas in your essay

When researching, pick points, you are sure you can support with verified examples. The basis of an essay is to prove your argument or your points. Don’t write points and leave them hanging. You must explain everything with concrete examples.

  • The Conclusion

This is the last section of your essay. Take time and summarize all the ideas discussed in the main body. Let the reader know your final overview of the topic. Most students commit the mistake of repeating the ideas in the introduction in the conclusion part. This is repetition, and it doesn’t add value to the reader. Why write other sections well only to end up messing at the conclusion? Get all your marks by crafting a unique and eye-catchy conclusion. It should leave the reader smiling.


Writing a good essay is an art that requires adequate skills and knowledge to accomplish the task. It may sound like a challenging thing, but you can craft the best paper ever with the right approach. There are common mistakes most students commit that make the essay appear of low quality. The above tips will help you craft the best academic papers and simplify your work.

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