Tips for Choosing Essay Topics

In many cases, lecturers require students to look for the topics themselves or assign a certain number of topics they can choose from. Now, if your lecturer does not assign you a topic to write, then below are the points that you can consider when selecting an appropriate essay topic at IBuyEssay blog for your perfect writing.

  • Choose topics corresponding to the length of the paper

Most times, a student can pick a topic, and it is difficult for them to finish it. Narrow topics are very efficient to understand when covering them. While when you are covering a wide topic, you will overgeneralize statements. For instance, when you are writing a paper that is four pages big, do not write something ambiguous, like the history of the rights of women. Just pick a section in that whole topic to talk about, like an incident. Even you will have an advantage when you use descriptive essays because it is narrow. But once you select a descriptive essay about yourself, select a section of your life, not a wide section for example, at your uncle’s barns. 

  • Do not write topics that will cause you to write something brief rather than analyze

Do not select something like a story plot but rather select how a certain scene affects the entire story. With this, you will have the ability to analyze the scene and its effects throughout the play or movie. The 2nd topic you choose is smaller and will give you the ability to analyze what happened at the scene when selecting a topic to ensure that your topic can result in a strong enough thesis.

  • If your work needs research, look for a topic that has enough material

Even if you do not write a research paper, ensure that you select a topic you can build with sufficient evidence and proof.

  • And if you think the topic will not work out, select another topic

Instructors will want to write an essay that is very good than writing something that has a basis on poor choice.

Topic versus thesis

Please do not mix up the major idea of the topic and the topic itself. The topic usually gives the subject. Then the thesis assesses the subject. Below are examples of the topics that college students can select.

  • Compare and contrast M’s poem “to a lion” and G’s poem “the happy cat.” Consider both techniques and theme.
  • Explain the following phrase: “however many people deplore human rights crimes in Uganda, the government must not impose sanctions on Uganda.” Do you disagree or agree? Support your answer.
  • Analyze how Shakespeare was using the imagery of clothing in King Leah.
  • Look for an incident in your entire life that made you change your attitude or opinion.
  • The civil war is more of economics than mortality. Explain. Do you disagree or agree? Support your answer.

The second topic and the fifth topic make the person argue about a position. I.e., it requires them to write where they stand to support their answer. Whether it disagrees or agrees. For example, the thesis statement will be that putting sanctions on the republic of Uganda will make America’s economy go down, hence hurting the economy. It is because sanctions are unsuccessful, and the United States must not intervene in Uganda’s matters.

Then other topics do not make the writer choose a position but rather creates a thesis statement. The thesis for the 1st topic can be even if M or G’s poet recognizes the subject’s value, which the lion and the cat, respectively. The first poem signifies that humans and animals are separate and are not together, while the 2nd poem shows that animals and humans can live together. And that there is a connection.

Writing thesis statements

When you are doing a paper that asks you to that is to say analyze, explain, look for effects and causes, compare theories, or show where you stand about a certain topic. You have to have the ability to not down thesis statements from such topics. As you go on with your work, you must also refine and polish your statement. Thesis statements guide you when you are writing your paper. They give you a direction of where you are heading.

Below are some of the examples of thesis statements;

  • Poets M and G have good points about their living creatures that are to say “M’s poem “to a lion” and G’s poem “the happy cat.” 
  • People have different ways about if the United States if America can put sanctions on Uganda.


You can come up with various topics, but an essential thing to note is choosing a topic you have an interest in.

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