Seven Ways of Writing an Outstanding College Application Essay

College application requires plenty more than most people imagine. Not only will your test scores and grades prove pivotal, but your image as a whole. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find most universities requiring applicants to write an essay (to demonstrate their personality) as part of the application requirements. Such essays become important in comparing and picking applicants with similar extracurricular engagements and test scores. So how can you get your application essay to stand out?

Consider the following guidelines if you have no idea how to write a compelling essay for your college application.

  1. Pick a thoughtful topic or title. Typically, you do not have to have a title for your university application essay. However, deciding to have one can prove pivotal in making your essay outstanding.  So pick a robust and straightforward title to give your essay the punch it needs. It can entail a culturally referenced title or a more direct title, provided it piques the reader’s interest.
  2. Start writing. Like books, college or university application essays get judged by the first of two initial introductory sentences. Try and start strong instead of beginning the piece soft. The best way to ensure this entails writing the entire essay and eliminating the introduction to determine how the piece reads. From this point, you can figure out how to write a strong introduction. So start with an anecdote that will make your reader feel part of the story.
  3. Never get afraid of using humor. In all the intense essay reading, admissions associates can enjoy some little laughs. So try and pull the reader in by incorporating humor. After that, try and quickly transition into demonstrating your interest in a particular discipline or program as you want to communicate fully besides creating a convincing version of your personality.
  4. Use particular examples. The temptation to incorporate every positive attribute can befall anyone. Therefore restrain yourself from doing so and use compelling samples in illustrating your points. For instance, telling a story about a specific incidence can prove more convincing than describing your attribute. Such stories become prominent for the admissions board going through your essay.
  5. Channel your unusual passions. It always happens that when you start writing about something that you cherish, you get your excitement to infiltrate your writing, which leads to an outstanding essay. If you cherish something unusual, it gets better.   However, it becomes essential to align your interest to that of the college essay. It can also prove wise to illustrate how the hobby or interest has led to you acquiring a new skill.
  6. Become authentic and vulnerable. You have to avoid getting afraid of opening up and showing genuine emotion whenever you want your essay to become effective. Try and share a painful and vulnerable experience to ensure your essay comes across as compelling. Talking about challenges and difficult moments in life is okay, though try and mention how the experience prepared you to become a better person. Further, demonstrate how you overcame the challenge.
  7. Make connections. While it can work perfectly to talk of yourself in an essay, you can take the essay piece to a higher level by linking it to the world. Placing your insights within a larger philosophical, intellectual, and historical context can elevate your essay’s appeal to the admissions board. It will show your intelligence and prowess in applying concepts to real-life situations.


If you want to write an outstanding essay for your college application and do not know where to start, consider the seven guidelines. You will develop high quality and compelling essay that will gain you an admission slot in your preferred college.