6 Books that Will Help You Bolster Essay Writing Skills

Several students find writing a daunting task at school. Many things tend to separate great writers from the rest of the bunch, like their English language proficiency, how they tailor their ideas and their broad range of vocabulary. Here are some of the best books to assist you in improving your skills in writing.

Elements of Style – William Strunk

It is the perfect book for writing because it contains all the critical tips you need to write for any genre. Several schools infuse this book in some of their curricula, and it acts as A must-read book for their students. It is 43 pages long and a good read. In case you want to sharpen your writing skills, then this is the book to start with.

The Little Brown Handbook – Ramsey Fowler

It is another classic book that can assist you in bolstering your skills in writing. It will provide you with all the critical tools that you need to shoot up immediately. In case you’re looking for a book to assist you in correcting the punctuation or grammar or even helping you format your research papers or dissertations, choose this book. It is a little more comprehensive, and most high schools utilize the book to improve the best students’ knowledge in English.

100 ways to bolster your writing – Gary Provost

The book is fun to follow through. It will immerse you in an array of writing styles and expound on how effective other writing techniques usually are. You must find ways to ensure that the text you write is coherent and cohesive because that is critical for good writing, and this book will not disappoint you. After reading it, you will find some of these styles that will suit you.

Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott

The book got explicitly written for writers, and it goes ahead to deliver anecdotes that will go a long way in teaching you to find the right content for you and open up your creativity. The book doesn’t pay much attention to language and grammar but focuses more on the floor of ideas through your essay’s body, an essential part of the block that our writer resides in.

On writing – Stephen King

The book is not fictional as most of Stephen King’s publications but rather a guide through the writing nature and how writing takes a course to flow through. The book contains all the elements and characteristics that a writer has, and it also goes ahead to educate you on how to use them in finding your voice and style.

Revising prose – Richard Lanham

The book has an array of examples and experiences that can assist many writers in revising their work. Most of the time, the art of revision gets underutilized when most people try to bolster their writing, and therefore this book, we looked through the tips and gave you advice that is needed to step into the following line of the script, which is revising. The book is quite different from the rest and very useful. Try reading it, and you sure will find value. 

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