Main Steps of Crafting an Essay

While in college, students must write essays at some point as part of academic fulfillment. Writing such papers requires dedication, passion, and self-motivation. Some students fail to understand the stages involved in writing essays. In the end, they produce essays in a poor format, which attracts low grades. When the tutor receives your paper, they start marking it right away by looking at it. There are marks for the formatting and if, as a student, you miss the structure, be sure to lose some points even if you have included the most vital points in the main body. Let us highlight ways you can make your essay presentable below.

The keywords. Once you have the topic, do not start the research right away. You must understand the topic well first. Identify the words you don’t understand and get their meaning from the dictionary. Move to the next phase when you are sure of every single phrase in the topic.

Understand the question. Now that you understand the topic ask yourself, what does the tutor want to read in my essay? Am I supposed to argue, discuss, narrate, or explain? There are different types of essays, and you must understand what the professor wants you to do before moving on.

After you have understood the two steps above, you need to start researching. Find content from different sources like the library, books, online, and other materials. Remember to make short notes you will be referring to later on when writing your points.

Note: As you make your short notes, engage your mind in creative thinking.

At this point, you have the topic, the research materials, and short notes. It is about time you start writing the essay. Follow the steps below when writing the essay.

  • Thesis statement

A thesis is a statement that reflects the topic. It gives the reader a clear picture of what your essay is about. Once the reader goes through your thesis, they already know the dimension of your paper. Be keen when developing this statement because it will reflect in the entire document.

  • The introduction

This is yet another vital section because it introduces the tutor to your paper. Make it clear with short sentences. An introduction should push the reader eager to the reader what follows next.

  • The main body of the essay

In the main body, you divide your points into paragraphs. Each paragraph should explain a single point. Do not mix up ideas. Begin with the strong points as you head to the weak ones. Remember, the reader wants to enjoy the flow of your work. Keep the sentences straightforward and maintain an active voice in your writing. Again, keep only relevant ideas related to the topic and do not include fluffy words.

Note: Each point must have supporting evidence.

  • The conclusion

Finally, you will finish your essay at this point. Here, you sum up all the ideas you have discussed in the entire paper and give your overview. Avoid repeating what you discussed in the introduction. Keep it short as you reflect on the thesis.

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