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Writing a Winning Immigration Pardon Letter

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What Are Pardon Letters for Immigration?

An immigration pardon letter is a form of waiver letter that you can write when you have committed an offense that would otherwise cause you to be deported or have your visa request refused. Your immigration waiver letter should be written in a way that will convince the reader that you really should be allowed to stay in the US despite any past mistakes that you may have made.

There are waivers that are available for many different offenses from drugs possession through to smuggling and failure to leave at the end of your visa. However, just because a waiver is available does not mean that it has to be granted.
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Only a well written and persuasive letter of pardon for immigration will get your request granted as long as you meet their requirements. So great care must be taken with your writing if you are to get the result that you are looking for.

Our professional writing services can help you with all forms of waivers for USCIS as well as many others such as an LSAT waiver. We offer our help through highly qualified individuals that have a vast amount of experience in the areas in which they write. You can be sure that your waiver writer for an immigration pardon will know the requirements inside out.

What Types of Immigration Pardon Letter Can We Help You With?

Often your visa could be refused on Grounds of Inadmissibility. However, writing a waiver or pardon letter can help you to overcome these grounds. Our professional writing services can help with writing a pardon letter for immigration and so much more:

  • Fee waiver letter: if you are suffering financial hardship then you may be able to get the fee or some part of it waived. This letter is usually submitted with your application to try to gain some relief on what you would otherwise be required to pay.
  • Waiver of inadmissibility: this form of waiver can cover many different areas:
    • Waiver of unlawful presence: this is a letter that can be used if you have been found to be living in the US illegally.
    • Waiver after prior removal: should you have been deported in the past this waiver will help you to gain the visa that you are now applying for.
    • Waiver for crime committed more than 15 years ago: this waiver is to show that criminal activities are firmly in your past and that you are now of good moral character.
    • Waiver for security violations: if you or a member of your close family have been members of organizations that may be considered as a terrorist group or have funded such then you will need this waiver.

Reasons for Granting a Waiver

You have to have a very good reason if you are going to get your waiver letter for immigration accepted. You have to show that your offence or reason for denial is no longer applicable as well as having a good reason for needing to be within the US. Often the following are the main reasons that you will need to detail in your letter:

  • Lack of educational opportunity: you need to explain how either the person being denied their visa or member of the family will no longer be able to access the education that they need and why it is so important to the family.
  • Family ties in the US: if you have been refused entry or held for deportation but have close family members such as your spouse or children in the US then you will be able to request your waiver on these grounds. Make it clear why you need to be with your family.
  • Medical concerns: this is especially important if you or a close family member may no longer be able to access medical support that may be available in the US but not within your home country.
  • Employment: this waiver requires you to clearly explain why you need the job and the money that comes with it for yourself and your family. Explain how you will not have the same opportunities elsewhere.
  • Financial hardship: show how the refusal of the visa will cause significant financial hardship to other members of the family and may even require them to move to countries where there is a language issue and other problems.
  • Safety concerns: if the person fears persecution or other possible issues with their life then these fears can be raised as reasons to grant your waiver.

professional immigration pardon letter sample

Format and Requirements of the Waiver Letter for Immigration

In most cases, the format of your letter will be a formal business letter. You want it to look neat, clean and professional to anyone reading it. Always carefully read the requirements for the particular form of waiver that you are applying to and ensure that you fully understand exactly what you will be expected to provide and the level of evidence that must accompany your letter. If you are not 100% clear as to the specific requirements ensure that you get professional help.

Writing an Immigration Letter Template

Looking at one of our MBA GMAT waiver or pardon letter examples will show you just how your own letter should be structured and the areas that need to be covered. Do however remember that your personal reasons are going to be unique to you so you cannot simply copy a letter of waiver for immigration sample. The following is a typical structure that should be followed:

This should contain your full name and contact details. It should also contain precise information regarding your case such as the date on which your visa Form I-192 was denied.
Main body
This should detail out the problem that you are seeking a waiver for and the reasons that they should grant it. Ensure that you carefully follow their guidance and clearly demonstrate the specific reasons why the waiver should be granted.
This should summarize your argument and state clearly that you want them to grant the waiver. Also, thank them for considering your letter and their time.

Tips for Writing a Winning Waiver Letter for Immigration

The following are some tips to help you ensure that your immigration pardon letter will be accepted:

  • Take a look at our immigration pardon letter sample: examples of pardon letters for immigration will show you exactly what is expected of you and the standard of writing that you will need to achieve.
  • Look at the requirements of the USCIS: they will be able to give you clear requirements as to what you must do on their website.
  • Ensure you use the correct format for your letter, a simple professional business letter format can be used with 12pt font that is easily read.
  • Ensure that you include all of the required information in your introduction: this will usually be your full name, address, and the details of your rejection.
  • Ensure that you can demonstrate clear reasons as to why the waiver should be granted. Include the impact on your family not just on yourself.
  • Do not simply complain or make excuses. These will not be looked on favorably.
  • Include evidence to back up anything that you have to say within your letter to support your request.
  • Use clear easy to read English that is concise and to the point.
  • Do not write about anything that is not directly relevant to your waiver request.
  • Proofread your letter with great care to ensure there are no mistakes.

What’s So Best In Our Professional Waiver Writers?

There are numerous examples of hardship letters from family member for immigration available on the internet. However, finding the best writer for such letter is a daunting activity. If you give our writers a try, they can provide you the excellent version of the written draft. The samples of different types of letters are available i.e. examples of pardon letters. Have a look at the specialties in our writing experts:

  • They have advanced degrees in a variety of fields and disciplines. This shows that we hire trained yet qualified authors.
  • The writers have many years of experience in their field. The extensive prior experience can be seen in their work.
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  • Any kind of letter is turned error-free. If you want a written immigration hardship letter for a family member, then they can deal with the task without any hassle.
  • The immigration forgiveness letter or any type of waiver letter is checked twice or even thrice to keep a client fully satisfied.

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Whether you want an essay explaining low GPA or an immigration pardon letter our services are the ones to call. We provide our letters through fully qualified consultants that will work directly with you to ensure that your letters fully reflect your personal circumstances in a highly persuasive manner. They know just what is required and how to ensure that your letter will be effective.

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  • You can also suggest the client about the assignment i.e. instruction for how to write a pardon letter.
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