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Writing a Convincing TOEFL Waiver Letter | Tips, Samples

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What Is the TOEFL Test?

TOEFL is Test of English as a Foreign Language and is a common requirement for those applying to English speaking universities and professional institutions if they are from non-English speaking countries. It tests your ability to understand and use English as it would be used in education. A TOEFL waiver letter, however, can be used to bypass these requirements at your chosen university. However, the letter of waiver must clearly show good reason for you not to need to submit the test scores.

The test itself is administered in around half a day and has 4 sections; reading, listening, speaking and writing. It can be paper-based (PBT)/Internet-based test (iBT) run by the nonprofit organization Educational Testing Service (ETS). Scores are up to 30 for each section so a total score out of 120. In most cases, you will need to achieve a score of 80+ to be accepted.
writing a convincing toefl waiver letter

Why Use TOEFL?

Unlike some other tests such as IELTS, your testing will be done and dusted in just a half day. They also provide you with a huge amount of free resources to help you to prepare for the test. According to the TOEFL website the test is also accepted in more than 130 countries and by more than 10,000 institutions. They also say that 80% of admissions officers prefer the test to others.

What Is a TOEFL Waiver Letter and Why Do You Need It?

A TOEFL waiver request letter is used if you feel that you have no need to submit a test result. This can be for many reasons such as having lived in an English speaking country for many years or having already studied at an English speaking institution successfully. In these cases, it may be possible to submit an English language waiver request letter in just the same way as how to waive GMAT requirements.

Your TOEFL waiver request, however, must meet the requirements and expectations of the institution that you are applying to and be written in a very persuasive manner. If not you may find yourself still having to take the test and to submit your test results.

Requirements for TOEFL Exception Request

Writing a waiver for English language competency will require you to meet some basic requirements. However, every institution will dictate what those requirements are. So it is very important that you look carefully at what they ask for.

You should also look at when they will actually require TOEFL. Even if you are from a non-English speaking country if you have earned a degree from an English speaking country such as the US, UK or Australia you may be automatically exempted from the requirement to submit your scores. Making applications for waivers when they clearly state there is not a requirement will not help your application.

Typically the only reasons that any institution will accept your English waiver letter will be if you have studied primarily in English and/or worked with a multinational company that is owned and operated through an English speaking country.

professional toefl waiver letter example

TOEFL Waiver Letter Writing Tips

Writing English waiver letter is something that must be done with care if you want to be sure that you will get your request approved. The following simple tips will help you to ensure that you will write a letter that will have the highest chance of success:

  • Check that the college or university will accept a TOEFL denial letter: not every institution will allow you to have a waiver so it is always best that you check their website with care before you start your writing. If no waivers are allowed do not send a letter as it will simply demonstrate that you are unable to follow their instructions.
  • Take a look at our TOEFL waiver letter example: TOEFL waiver request letter samples can show you exactly the format that you should be using for your letter as well as the tone that you should adopt and the areas that will need to be covered. However never simply copy an English test waiver letter sample as your personal circumstances will always be unique to you.
  • Use a simple business letter format: your letter must be uncluttered and easy to read so a simple formal format is always best to use.
  • Do not decorate or overly format your letter: it must be easy to read and free from excessive use of bold, italics and other formatting which will only confuse the reader. Use an easy to read font such as Arial in 12pt and never use scripts.
  • Write concisely: the reader is not going to want to read a letter that will go on for pages when just a few lines are going to do the job. Only include information that is totally relevant to your application so that you do not distract the reader from its purpose.
  • Include the purpose of the letter in a subject line or within the first few lines so that it is clear what your TOEFL waiver request letter is about right from the start.
  • Ensure that you provide a clear statement as to why your waiver should be granted and that it meets their stated reasons for granting of a waiver. Remember that different institutions will have different requirements so always check their website before writing your letter.
  • Proofread: the last thing that you will want with your TOEFL waiver letter sample that is going to ask for them to overlook the testing requirements for your application will be mistakes in your English.

Top Things to Watch for When Writing TOEFL Waiver Letter

Your letter for waiver must be written in a persuasive manner if it is to get you the result that you are seeking. The following are the top things that you must pay attention to when writing TOEFL rejection letter:

  • Ensure there are no mistakes in your English: edit and proofread your writing with care so that you can be sure there are no issues with your writing before you submit it. If possible if you are not fully confident with your writing have a native speaker review it for you.
  • Don’t use slang within your writing: use formal English throughout your writing to demonstrate that you have a good grasp of the language. Avoid all forms of slang and also do not use any acronyms in your writing.
  • Clearly state the reasons for granting your waiver: you must always ensure that the reader fully understands why it is that you should have the waiver approved. Ensure those reasons are ones that are accepted by them prior to making your submission.
  • Ensure that you submit the letter correctly: review their website so that you know who to send it to and when.
  • Stay relevant: the TOEFL waiver letter should only be addressing this requirement and nothing else.

How Can Our Waiver Letter Writers Help You?

From writing an immigration pardon letter through to your English language testing requirements waiver we have the experienced writers that you will need. We know the difficulties that you face and can help you to ensure that your waiver letter will always be written in the most effective way possible.

toefl waiver request writing service

Our experts will always work directly with you so that you can be sure that your TOEFL waiver request letter will be fully personalized and able to fully reflect your personal circumstances. All of their writing is done from scratch to ensure a highly effective letter. They do not simply add your name into a blank on a generic standard template. You can be sure that your letter will always be completely unique when written by our experts.

Writing is always done to your expectations and you will be provided with a draft for your review and approval. If there are any changes that you feel may be required to your waiver you only need to talk to your writer and they will undertake an unlimited number of revisions until you are fully satisfied. We want you to be able to confidently send your waiver letter knowing that it has a high chance of success.

Why Work with Our Professional Services?

We know that you want to submit a successful waiver request and will do everything we can to ensure that you do. We always aim for your full satisfaction through our professional services, after all, we want you to return to us time and time again whenever you need help with your TOEFL waiver request letter writing.

We provide you with all of the following so that you can be assured of success:

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  • Free proofreading: we will make sure that there are not any mistakes in your English when you submit it.
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