Waiver Letter Tips

  • Fully Understand Eligibility
  • Clearly Explain Your Request
  • Gather Evidence
  • List Any Additional Information
  • Submit Any Supporting Documents
  • Finalize the Application

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Professional ACT Waiver Letter Writing Service

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What Is the ACT?

Most colleges will expect you to provide either the ACT or the SAT entrance exam results to accompany all of your other admissions information. It is a multiple choice exam split into 4 parts which are English, Math, Science, and Reading. You can also include a 40-minute long writing test. The whole of the test lasts 2 hours and 55 minutes and will cost you $67.00 with writing. An ACT waiver letter, however, can help you to get your tests done for free. Our waiver example and advice can help you to better understand just how you can achieve this.

professional act waiver letter writing service

The ACT provides the college admissions officers with a common measure by which they are able to measure the readiness of a student to enter college. It is therefore important that you achieve the best possible results when you take the test. For many gaining an ACT college application fee waiver will allow them to better concentrate on their working towards gaining a good score.

What Is a Good ACT Score?

The scores for the ACT tests are measured in a scale of 1 to 36. So scoring 36 would be a perfect score on the ACT. The average SAT score is however 20.8 so if you have scored above this then you are above average. You will, however, find that some of the best colleges will expect you to have a score way above this as they are seeking the top few percents of students out there.

How Can an ACT Waiver Letter Help You?

The cost of taking the ACT is $50.50 without writing and $67 with writing. This covers you for taking the test and also sending your results to 4 different colleges. You may also need to pay for extras such as late registration which is $30 and send your scores to additional colleges at $13 per college.

For many students, this can be a hardship, hence the need to apply for an ACT test fee waiver to allow them to test for free. Applying for an ACT application fee waiver will allow you to get the main areas of your application covered:

What Is Covered by an ACT College Fee Waiver?

All of the following are covered if your ACT fee waiver for college application is granted:

  • The main ACT cost with or without writing
  • Reports to up to 6 colleges
  • Up to an additional 20 reports free of charge

In addition to all of the above you will also get access to:

  • Full access to test preparation materials and tools.

winning act waiver letter sample

What Is Not Covered by Your ACT Test Fee Waiver?

As you will expect the waiver covers the fees that you will pay if you follow the process correctly. So it will not cover:

  • Late fees
  • Changes to test date
  • Test center changes

Frequently Asked Questions About Your ACT Waiver Request Letter

Question Answer
Am I eligible for a fee waiver? You must be:
  • Enrolled in a US school in the 11th or 12th grade.
  • Meet one or more of:
  • Enrolled for free school meals
  • Enrolled in program for economically disadvantaged
  • Live in a foster home, homeless, ward of state
  • Receive low-income assistance or lives in subsidized housing
  • Income is below USDA levels for free lunches
Can I claim the fee back later? No, you have to apply for a waiver prior to taking the test.
How many times can I get a fee waiver? You are able to take the test twice for free, once as a senior and once as a junior.
Will the waiver cover change test centers and dates? No, you must shoulder all changes out of your own pocket.
When will my waiver expire? They are valid until the 31st of August.

Key Points to Consider When Writing Your ACT Waiver Request Letter

If you want your ACT fee waiver for college application then you will have to ensure that you write your request well. The following should always be considered writing ACT waiver letter:

  • Check that you meet the requirements for applying for a waiver: there is no point in applying if you do not meet them.
  • Apply early to ensure that you get your test fee waiver processed.
  • Look at our ACT waiver letter sample to ensure that you understand how your letter should be written and structured.
  • Ensure that your writing is concise and direct to the point. Do not write about anything not relevant to the waiver.
  • Talk to your ASCA approved counselor at school to get advice.

writing act college application fee waiver

How Can We Help with Your ACT Waiver Writing?

We offer our support through consultants that are highly experienced with all aspects of ACT and college application. They can help with everything from a sample letter explaining low GPA through to your ACT waiver. They know just what is expected from your waiver request and will be able to draft your letter quickly and effectively to your full satisfaction. Should you want any changes then simply speak to the writer and they will provide unlimited revisions until you are confident the letter is ready for submission.

Why Use Our ACT Waiver Letter Help?

Whether you need PRAXIS waiver letter or help writing your waiver request for ACT our experts will always provide a letter that is perfectly targeted and that will meet the requirements of your application. Writing is done with you so that you can be sure it reflects your situation and always done to your full satisfaction.

With our ACT writing services you will get:

  • Your waiver letter delivered on time guaranteed
  • Free proofreading to guarantee and error free letter
  • Full confidentiality guaranteed through our competitively priced services
  • Full satisfaction with your ACT waiver letter or your money returned

Ensure that your ACT waiver letter gets your fees covered by working with our highly effective and affordable writing consultants!