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What Is the Visa Waiver Program?

The waiver VISA is a program that allows citizens of 38 countries to enter the US without applying for a full tourist of business VISA if their stay will be for less than 90 days. It is only applicable to e-passport holders of the 38 countries and can only be applied for if you have never been denied entry into the US or if you have not overstayed your visas in the past. There is no VISA letter writing and no waiver letter to apply for as such.

You will apply through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for your approval and more than 99% of those applying will be approved within just a few minutes through the system. However, if you are denied then your only option is to formally apply for a visitor VISA to the US. So it is always best to apply through the ESTA website well in advance of your travel. Your ESTA approval is valid for 2 years unless you change your name or your passport.

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Should you need to apply for a visitor VISA for a country such as the US or European countries then you will have to follow the specific requirements of those countries for the specific type of visa that you require. Always take care to ensure that you identify the correct visa to use and that you know the precise requirements. However, even if your application is good then there are still times when you will find your application rejected and this is when you may want to write a VISA refusal letter of appeal.

Visa Rejection Statistics

Getting into Europe and the US if you meet the requirements of the VISA should be pretty straightforward. However many applicants, especially from countries which may be seen as a risk, will find it hard to get a visa as it may be hard to prove that you will return back home or that you are visiting for valid reasons. Rejection rates for visa applications vary significantly by country.

The following are statistics on US VISA refusals by country:

  • Bangladesh – 60.88%
  • China – 14.57%
  • France – 7.43%
  • Hong Kong – 3.45%
  • India – 23.29%
  • Iran – 58.66%
  • Kuwait – 8.32%
  • Philippines – 25.54%

For Schengen VISA application statistics for European VISAs, an overall figure of 8.15% of those applying are rejected. Again this will vary significantly depending on your country of origin. Iceland seeing less than 1% denied while Pakistan sees more than 34% rejected.

Why Is Visa Waiver Letter Writing Required?

There is no VISA waiver letter required through ESTA although some applicants may want to seek expert support with making their online application. Some businesses may also want to support your entry into the US by providing a visa waiver letter to explain your reasons for entry into the US to avoid any possible issues with your entry.

A VISA waiver request letter should be very simply written. It should be a formally formatted letter that simply states the reasons for your visit to the US from your sponsor. It is not a formal requirement is you have been approved through ESTA but some feel that it can support your entry through immigration so writing VISA waiver letter is still practiced by some sponsoring people into the US for short stays.

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What Are the Requirements for Writing a VISA Rejection Letter?

If you have been refused a VISA for Europe or elsewhere you will usually be provided with “clear” reasons for that refusal. Typically the reasons will revolve around one of the following:

  • A failure to include supporting documentation
  • Failing to show your intention to leave: ties to your home
  • Not giving reliable reasons for the purpose of your stay

In most cases, it can be possible to reverse the decision through writing an appeal letter for VISA refusal. However, your waiver letter VISA must be carefully written to overcome the rejection.

How Should You Write Your VISA Denial Letter?

Take a look at our VISA refusal letter sample if you want to see how you own letter should be written if you want it to be successful. The format of your letter can be any formal business style letter to give you a clear and professional template to use for your writing. You should also carefully look at the requirements for writing an appeal letter for VISA refusal so that you can be sure that you cover everything that they want. You could use our writing VISA refusal letter as a template if you want to ensure that you cover the information correctly.

The following should be followed when writing your VISA rejection letter sample:

  • Include your personal details: this should cover your full name, passport number, and your place and date of birth.
  • Details of your VISA rejection: clearly state the date on which your visa was rejected.
  • Your current address: provide your full address clearly and accurately.
  • Include your email address and phone number so that they can get back to you quickly with their decision.
  • Detail out why they should approve your appeal: clearly state that you feel that their decision was unfair and unwarranted and provide them with additional information that will help them to make the right decision. So for instance, if they feel you may not leave then provide them with past travel history to support the fact that you have left in the past.
  • Always include actual evidence to support your statements if you want them to be taken seriously. Attach the required documents to your letter.
  • Make your letter concise and to the point: do not make complaints or use emotion. Make clear and concise points that you can support.

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