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  • Gather Evidence
  • List Any Additional Information
  • Submit Any Supporting Documents
  • Finalize the Application

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Purpose of a Waiver Request

waiver requestA waiver letter is a written request that a particular requirement or obligation be dispensed with or deferred for some reason. Waiver letters may be written to an organization or to an individual depending on what it is you are asking to be waived. There is no guarantee that a waiver will be granted when you send a letter. Waiver letters like waiver VISA only request that a waiver is granted and must convince the recipient that your request has merit.

Any waiver request letter regardless of what requirement you are asking to be excused from or who the recipient is should contain two things:
  • A statement of what it is that you are asking to have waived: The recipient of the letter needs to know in no uncertain terms, what is being requested. It could be a fee waiver, application testing waiver, late payment penalty waiver or something else, but whatever it is should be clearly stated in the letter.
  • Your reasons for requesting a waiver: The letter recipient needs be told the reasons you have for requesting a waiver of a requirement or obligation in order for a convincing argument to be made in your favor.

We Provide Quality Waiver Letter Writing and Editing Services

At waiverwriting.com, we have a team of professional letters who can work on different kinds of waiver letter including but not limited to letter requesting TOEFL waiver, MBA GMAT waiver letter, VISA waiver letter, and letter requesting waiver of GRE. If you are unsure how to write a convincing waiver letter our service can help:

  • Waiver Request Letter:
    • GMAT: When applying for an MBA program, you can actually have your GMAT waived. However, there’s a set of criteria that you have to satisfy before you even start making a GMAT waiver letter including 10 years of professional experience, high GPA scores, 3 recommendation letters, and transcripts among many others.
    • GRE: If you are going to a graduate school program and you are confident that you have the knowledge, experience, and skills to get into the program, you can make a GRE waiver letter to request the university to waive the GRE.
    • MCAT/LSAT: An MCAT/LSAT waiver letter is essential if you want to apply for a program and you don’t want to submit your test scores.
    • IELTS/TOEFL: For non-native English speakers, IELTS/TOEFL are required before getting into any program. But if in school the medium of instruction is English and you grew up speaking the language, you can write an IELTS/TOEFL waiver letter to have your letter waived.
    • SAT: In some case, your fees can be waived. You just have to submit a SAT waiver letter.
    • PET: We also have writing experts in case you need a PET waiver letter.
    • ACT: ACT waives its test fee to eligible students. But before you can qualify, you need to submit an ACT waiver letter and you need to satisfied the fee waiver eligibility requirements.
    • VISA: The United States offer the Visa Waiver Program that allows citizens of participating countries to travel or to conduct business for 90 days or less without a need to get a visa. One of the requirement is to submit a visa waiver letter.
    • CLEP: With the CLEP waiver letter, you detail your intention of waiving the scores in your application. But you need to check your qualifications first.
    • Fee: Most educational institutions have fee waive program. You just have to qualify for the program and submit a waiver letter.
    • and more
  • Personal Statement
  • Admission Essay
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Letter of Intent
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume

Our service specializes in waiver letter writing and editing for any purpose:

Writing: Only the best professionals here will help you make all of your dreams come true. Our experts will gladly make your personal statement, an admission essay, scholarship essay or letter of intent shine!

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The writers we use are skilled professionals and among the best in the industry. Every writer we use has:

  • Excellent English: Waiver letter writers working with us have native English speaker fluency level
  • Advanced degrees: All writers with our service have graduate-level degrees in their field
  • Extensive experience: Our writers all have proven experience working with waiver letters. They know how to make waiver letter requests that are convincing and get results.

We never use a letter of waiver template for letters. Every letter we write is completely original and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individual ensuring the best results.

Additional Advantages of Using Our Waiver Letter Writing Service

professional waiver letter helpUsing our waiver letter writing service increases the chances of your waiver being approved and our first priority is providing a high-quality letter that results in the outcome you want.

However, there are other benefits of using our waiver letter service including:

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