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All about PRAXIS Waiver Letter | Sample, Tips

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What Is PRAXIS and Who Takes the Tests?

PRAXIS is a series of American teaching examinations that are used for the certification requirements of many states and licensing organizations. A prospective teacher will have to pass their PRAXIS exams to be able to teach in their chosen state. There are many different exams to choose from including the main core subjects Mathematics, reading, and writing and many subject specific exams. A PRAXIS waiver letter is used to help you to gain relief on the high costs of taking these tests. Our waiver example letter will show you just how the letter is written.

professional praxis waiver letter writing help

PRAXIS fees are quite high with the three core exam costs being $90 each and individual subject tests being in the region of $120 each. So writing a PRAXIS fee waiver if you are eligible can save you a huge amount of money. However get your letter writing wrong and you may find that you receive a PRAXIS rejection letter and will have to find the money from your own pocket.

How Many People Pass the PRAXIS Test?

According to PRAXIS statistics some 89.6% of those taking the exams each year pass. However, pass rates for different states vary and you need to look at the state you wish to work within to understand what you need to achieve through your test to gain approval.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) that administer the PRAXIS tests also provide comprehensive data on test scores. Most exams are scored out of 100 to 200 although there are a few exceptions. For the core subject areas these are the averages achieved for scores:

  • Mathematics – 156
  • Reading – 172
  • Writing – 166

Requirements for Your PRAXIS Waiver Letter

Fee waivers are awarded on a first come first served basis and there are only a limited number that can be applied for. Waivers are for specific dates and testing centers. To be able to apply for waiver for a PRAXIS test you must be:

  • Enrolled currently in a masters or a bachelors program (If you already hold a masters or a doctorate degree you cannot apply for a waiver).
  • Currently in receipt of financial aid.
  • Meet the income guidelines set down by PRAXIS
  • Have a requirement to take the tests by an authorized recipient of score results.

What Must You Pay Attention to When Writing PRAXIS Waiver Letter?

Whether you are completing an Educational Preparation Program (EPP) or close to completing your Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates (TCPCG) or other degrees you need to take your PRAXIS exams. Getting a PRAXIS test waiver for your fees, however, is not easy.

The following things must be paid attention to when applying for your waiver:

  • Ensure that you meet all of the stated requirements prior to writing your PRAXIS waiver letter.
  • Write your waiver request letter early as they are limited and awarded to those that apply soonest.
  • Use clear and concise English in your writing and provide the specific information that they request of you.
  • Ensure that your address and telephone number are completed correctly to ensure that you receive your notification of the waiver being authorized.
  • Proofread your application: you want to make a good impression so ensure there are no mistakes with your writing.

professional praxis waiver letter

Tips for Writing Your Perfect Waiver Request Letter for PRAXIS

Writing PRAXIS denial letter to get a fee waiver is simple if you follow our guidelines:

  • Always read the website to ensure that you fully understand their specific requirements for an application for a fee waiver.
  • Complete the waiver request form with all of the required information to show that you qualify for the waiver.
  • Always carefully check your application to make sure there are no mistakes.
  • Submit your PRAXIS waiver letter in advance to the address listed to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success.

How Can We Help with Your PRAXIS Waiver Request?

If you don’t want a PRAXIS refusal letter then you need to ensure that your request is written perfectly. Our professional services can help with writing all forms or waiver requests such as a CLEP waiver letter or a sample letter explaining low GPA through to your fee waiver request.

Our experts are carefully selected from our pool of writers to ensure that you will always be working with someone that fully understands the requirements for your waiver. They work directly with you to ensure that they include the information that will be required within your letter to gain your waiver. All writing is done uniquely for you with no copying. You will be able to review the draft on completion and unlimited changes will be made should you require any until you are fully satisfied with the way your letter has been written.

professional praxis fee waiver writing service

Why Do You Need to Work with Our Waiver Writers?

Getting a waiver for your PRAXIS registration fee and exam fees can be achieved easily with our expert help. As long as you meet the requirements then our experts will be able to provide you with a waiver letter that is going to be successful.

With our writing services you will benefit from all of the following when writing PRAXIS denial letter:

  • On time delivery of your letter so that you will be able to submit your waiver request in advance to improve your chances of acceptance.
  • Free proofreading of your letter, all of our services are carefully checked so that you can be sure they are error free.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed: we never share any of your information with any other.
  • Easy to access support: you can talk with our support staff over the phone or online at any time 24/7.
  • Highly affordable writing support: our fee waiver writing is provided at a highly competitive price.
  • A full satisfaction with your waiver letter money back guarantee.

Make your PRAXIS waiver letter effective and submit it on time with the help of our affordable and reliable writing services!